MeshWorking 2.0: TMP.Worldwide & Google - Innovation Day 2008

You Came, You Saw – You Meshed!

How does it feel? You know, to be fully entrenched in the ways of "meshworking"? Empowering right? We hope that the experience proved to be helpful and engaging.

The potential that web 2.0 technology has is vast to say the least. The transformative effect it can have over your recruitment platform can (and will) be ground-breaking, endless and quite frankly, really cool. We hope that this seed of information is taking root.

Delve back into what we accomplished, we covered a lot of ground. Revisit the presentations and outcomes from our sessions and you'll glean even more. Check out the video (don't forget who we’re trying to reach) and please take some time to fill in our survey. Your comments and feedback are welcome.