MeshWorking 2.0: TMP.Worldwide & Google - Innovation Day 2008


Russell Miyaki
Vice President National Interactive Creative Director

Russell Miyaki leads innovation initiatives at TMP for our clients and development teams while overseeing the development and creation of all interactive media. He is involved with ensuring that the highest of standards and best practices of interactive development are applied to all interactive projects. At the same time he is constantly focused on exploring new navigational schemes and information design that involves audiences deeper into the context of the message. His experience and knowledge of interactive media and human factors allows him to bring a strong balance of sound usability and intuitive exploration to each solution. Russell is one of TMP's visionaries. He is the leader of a company think tank known as TMP Labs which is comprised of TMP visionaries tasked to stay in the forefront of innovative new media solutions, and trend indicators in talent acquisition. Russell has over 20 years experience in advertising and design working for agencies such as FCB, Landor and as Creative Director for The Sharper Image.

Louis Vong
VP, Interactive Strategy

Louis is a 12+ year veteran of the advertising and marketing industry. He first cut his teeth in the ad agency world at DDB Seattle back in the 90's before joining a small creative boutique agency called Austin Knight. Austin Knight was one of the few early adopters of interactive development for talent attraction in the mid 90's before being acquired by TMP Worldwide.

In Louis' current role he is responsible for keeping TMP Worldwide at the forefront of interactive innovation and emergent technologies, working closely with clients to deliver innovative online strategies and dynamic and immersive brand experiences. Mr. Vong is also a member and co-chair of TMP Labs, TMP Worldwide's internal R&D think tank, tasked with development of next generation recruiting strategies and tools. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Professional & Technical Diversity Network and is a member of multiple local grassroots recruiting organizations in Seattle, WA.

Speaking topics:
Emergent Technologies, Mobile Marketing, Interactive branding and strategy, Next Practices in Web Development, Ideation, Social Networks, Virtual Worlds Marketing, Gaming

Past speaking engagements:
OnRec Global Conference, IQPC, The Conference Board, Washington Software Association, TMP Global Interactive Vision Conferences, L'Oréal Global Summit

Jason Katcher
Manager of Education and Recruitment Advertising

Since joining Google in February 2005, Google's Manager of Education and Recruitment Advertising, Jason Katcher, has been the driving force behind Google's entrance into the recruitment advertising space. With 6 years of recruitment advertising background under his belt, Jason has spent the last 2 years partnering closely with the recruitment advertising agency community to educate them on innovative, new techniques in the digital landscape. His team currently oversees the top brands in the for-profit education industry, as well as, the premiere advertising agencies in employment marketing. Navigating search engine marketing, display advertising and properties like YouTube, while also gaining better insight into marketing performance are opening new doors when it comes to reaching active and passive talent both on and offline. By helping companies and agencies better understand how to leverage the Google media platform, recruiters and candidates are finding new ways to connect with each other.

Matt Lamphear
Vice President of Interactive Products

Matt has more than 12 years experience in recruitment advertising and technologies, building to his current role as the lead for all TMP Product Development efforts. His close contact with clients, national and international development teams, and representatives at HR Technology companies help Matt create and prioritize the R&D and product development efforts that drive TMP. His current projects focus on leveraging search engine technology and social media for TMP clients, as well as integrating 'new media' into sourcing strategies. He has played a major role in releasing TMP Products ranging from job distribution, metrics, email marketing tools, event mircrosites and more. Matt is a certified member of SEMPO and finished his MBA with a focus on Marketing and Organizational Behavior from the Kellogg Business School of Management in 2005.

Kevin McCarthy
Product Manager, Search Engine Marketing

Kevin McCarthy is the Product Manager for Search Engine Marketing at TMP Worldwide. Since 2006, Kevin has built a team of search marketing analysts who manage budgets, handle bid optimization, and report on TMP clients’ search engine ROI. In addition, Kevin's team includes expertise in SEO (search engine optimization) focusing on design and copy best practices for websites. Kevin's goal is to create valuable insights, approaches and metrics to help employers identify and capitalize on new opportunities in search and social media. Kevin graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Finance in 1992 and has been involved in Internet advertising since 1997. Kevin's ability to merge years of experience working with consumer companies with the needs of recruitment advertising allows our clients to achieve SEM best practices that reach both active and passive job seekers.

Steven Ehrlich
Vice President, Client Development

Steven brings more than 15 years of educational marketing, brand articulation, website development, and software development experience to TMP Worldwide. Steve has been a featured speaker at a variety of events and authored several articles related to innovative interactive recruitment solutions. He is also a frequent contributor to TMP Worldwide's newsletter "The Edge."

Google Gurus
Subject Matter Experts

In addition to search tools and products, Google has new technology, applications and sources that you might not know about. Key experts within Google will introduce many of them and give you a 'peek behind the curtain' of cool stuff that could definitely enhance your recruitment platform.